Presale Balkan is sold out and closed.

If you have chosen the proforma invoice, you can complete the purchase no later than September 14, 2022.

After a successful transfer, you will receive a purchase confirmation within five working days. You will receive tokens just before the listing of the CUT token on the exchange (at TGE).

Time periodPhasePrice (€)AllocationToken amount (CUT)Raised (€)Status
November 2021private sale0,0017 %70.000.000,0070.000,00€closed
Q3 2022presale Slovenia0,0056 %60.000.000,00300.000,00€closed
Q3 2022presale Balkan0,0064 %40.000.000,00240.000,00 €closed
Q4 2022presale0,00738 %380.000.000,002.660.000,00€
Q4 2022public sale0,007///