What is CUT?

Welcome to the World of CUT!

In this chapter, we’ll introduce you to CryptoUnity’s very own cryptocurrency – a utility token, called CUT. We’ll explain everything in simple terms, so you can easily understand what CUT is, its purpose, and how it can benefit you.

What is CUT?

CUT, short for CryptoUnity Token, is a versatile utility token at the heart of the CryptoUnity platform. CUT is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is a popular and secure network in the crypto universe. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a tech enthusiast to understand CUT! Just know that there are 1 billion CUT tokens in total and that it has been audited (checked) by reputable companies to ensure that it’s safe and sound.

What’s a Utility Token?

In simple terms, utility tokens are digital assets that grant you access to specific products, services, or features within a platform or ecosystem. Imagine them as digital keys that unlock cool benefits and utilities, making your experience on the platform more valuable and enjoyable. They’re your special ticket to a world of unique perks in the digital realm!

What Can CUT Do for You?

CUT offers many benefits on the CryptoUnity platform, and as the platform evolves, more use cases will become available. Here’s what CUT can do for you:

  • Enjoy lower fees on the CryptoUnity exchange. CUT token holders get discounted fees when buying, selling, or exchanging assets.
  • Learn more with CryptoUnity Workshops. CUT tokens give you entry to exclusive courses and lectures, like webinars and seminars, where you can access advanced content.
  • Access exclusive CryptoUnity research. With CUT, you can explore vetted ICOs published on the platform. To join their presales, you’ll need to hold CUT tokens.
  • Create, buy, and sell NFTs. CUT allows you to trade NFTs exclusively on the platform.

Rewards Just for Holding CUT

As a CUT holder, you’ll enjoy various benefits, such as holding rewards and airdrops. Every time someone buys or sells CUT, 2% of the tokens involved are distributed among all holders, giving you passive gains. Airdrops, which include prize games and giveaways, generate interest in the project and reward you for supporting CryptoUnity.

So, there you have it! CUT is a versatile utility token with a range of benefits for both beginners and experienced users in the cryptocurrency world. As CryptoUnity grows and introduces new features, the potential of CUT tokens will continue to expand.