Welcome to our guide designed to enhance your journey in the spirit of preparing for our $CUT token launch. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the scene, these tips and tricks are here to help you prepare for our token launch.


To kickstart your trading on PancakeSwap, obtaining BNB for platform fees is a crucial first step. MetaMask offers a user-friendly option to buy BNB directly, streamlining your entry into the world of decentralized finance. Here are the simple steps to obtain it:

  • Start the Purchase: In MetaMask, click on the menu arrows and select ‘Buy with Cash’ in the popup.
  • Select Payment Method: Choose your preferred payment option.
  • Pick BNB as your token and enter the desired purchase amount.
  • Fee Transparency: Note the final amount you’ll receive after fees.
  • MoonPay Process: You’ll be redirected to MoonPay. Confirm your email address to start.
  • Verify via Email: Enter the code sent to your email.
  • Fill Basic Information: Provide your name, date of birth, and billing address for verification.
  • Verification Completed.
  • Confirm and finalize your BNB purchase.
  • The purchased BNB will be credited to your wallet shortly (a minute or two).


The crypto market’s volatility, especially during a token launch, can play mind tricks with you. With that, the psychology of the market plays a significant role in trading, particularly during the unpredictable phases of it, such as a launch. But rapid price changes, both upward and downward, are common and should be anticipated. Understanding this psychology is key to making informed decisions and maintaining a level head amidst market swings.

What’s crucial is not to give in to panic during these fluctuations. Seeing red candles on the graph, indicating a drop in price, is quite normal and should not cause alarm. Negative feelings during these times are also known as FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). While it’s natural to feel anxious during these fluctuations, remember that such movements are common in the crypto space. Maintaining your investment strategy and not being swayed by short-term market changes is crucial.

Similarly, at the end of this spectrum lies FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out. This often happens when prices rapidly rise, and traders rush to buy in fear of missing a profitable opportunity. A sudden increase in price (rapid green candles) should not lead you to hasty decisions based on hype rather than solid research and strategy.

The key is to have clear investment goals and stick to them, allowing you to make decisions based on strategy, not emotion.


As you venture into token trading, prioritizing your safety is essential. Following precautions can protect you from common risks in the digital trading space. Here are some of the essential ones to ensure your security:

  • Guard Your Personal Information: Never share your passwords, sensitive data, or seed phrases. Authentic platforms or individuals will never request this information.
  • Carefully Check Links: Always verify links by hovering over them to see their URL. Look out for typos and ensure they start with ‘https’. Use Google to access websites directly if you’re still feeling uncertain.
  • Secure Your Wallet: Always sign out and disconnect your wallets after finishing your website sessions.

There you have it. The third guide in our series for prepping you for the launch of our $CUT token. Keep all of this information in mind, every time you interact with crypto. In case of any uncertainties you can always turn to us, we will always be willing to help you.

Happy trading!