CUT Token distribution is scheduled for June 5th. To ensure a seamless and efficient distribution process, we are reaching out to all CUT token buyers to take the necessary preliminary steps. Please regularly check your registered email for detailed communication regarding the upcoming token distribution. In case you encounter any ambiguities, discrepancies, or simply have a question, we’re here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email.

Before the distribution, look in your dashboard and:

  1. Check your wallet address

    The wallet address must match the address of the wallet to which you want to receive CUT tokens. In case you made the purchase with several wallets, please note that the CUT tokens of one profile will be distributed to only one wallet, so check that it is the correct or desired one.

    If you don‘t see the wallet address in your dashboard, you will have to link or type in the desired wallet to your user profile. If you don‘t have the wallet yet, you will need to create one now. You can create it with the help of our guide, which you can find here.

    The wallet must support tokens on the BSC network (BEP20 wallet) and must have the option to add custom tokens (exchange wallets are not okay). We recommend using a Metamask or Trust Wallet wallet, with the latter, make sure it is set to the correct network before copying the address.

    The deadline for providing us with your wallet details is May 31st. We strongly urge all our buyers to respect this deadline as this will significantly help us streamline the distribution process.

  2. Check the purchase amount in Euros (€)

    Make sure the purchase amount in Euros (€) matches the amount of your purchases from the world presale.

  3. Check the number of CUT tokens

    Note that the dashboard only shows tokens from the world presale in your profile. Also, the number does not yet take into account bonuses that belong to you if you used a refferal code at the time of purchase and/or completed tasks for free CUT tokens.

As the distribution process is irreversible, we encourage you to pay extra attention when reviewing the instructions. Once the tokens are distributed, modifications cannot be made.

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