PLEASE READ THE NEWS CAREFULLY. Hello all CUT owners! We are getting everything prepared for the token distribution from the worldwide presale. IT IS ON YOU TO VERIFY YOUR INFORMATION, as we cannot know which wallet address you use and want to receive tokens on.  IT’S CRUCIAL THAT YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOUR EMAIL. … Read more

CryptoUnity For Season 1 of Killer Whales: Cast Your Vote Now!

Hello, CryptoUnity Community! We have some thrilling news to share! As you know, we applied to be part of the revolutionary new TV show – Killer Whales. Inspired by the success of Shark Tank, this TV series is set to amplify promising crypto projects by offering them international visibility. Moreover, participants get the rare chance … Read more


A few days ago we had an extensive AMA focused on the post-presale time, more specifically on distribution, staking, listing, and the plan for 2023. At the same time, we took the opportunity to thank everyone once again for the support we are receiving. You can view the whole AMA here and catch the short … Read more


Hey guys! The results of our biggest airdrop so far are in! We were amazed by the number of people and entries that participated in the airdrop and are super excited to announce the winner of the CryptoUnity Worldwide Presale Airdrop winner! Without further ado, check the bottom results to see, if you are among … Read more

CUT Token Distribution Preparation Underway

We’re thrilled to announce that our CUT token presale is wrapping up, paving the way for the next significant milestone — the CUT Token distribution, scheduled for June 5th. To ensure a seamless and efficient distribution process, we are reaching out to all CUT token buyers to take the necessary preliminary steps. Please check your … Read more


Make the most out of it, before the price increases! This is your last chance to buy CUT at a lower price. After 9pm, your 100 € will get you 50 CUT less, and you don’t want that, do you? So get more for your buck and grab some $CUT before it’s too late 🔥

Celebrating Our Achievements!

Altogether, we have raised a total of 1.1M €! Thank you to our incredible supporters who believe in our mission. Our community continues to grow stronger every day, and we are grateful to have surpassed the incredible milestone of 30K members! We are also proud of not just one, but three CertiK badges, showcasing our … Read more

TMRW CONF, untill next time!

We got the chance to connect with crypto enthusiasts, and we got to meet a renowed lawyer in the crypto world from Slovenia! 🇸🇮 We had a pleasant talk and are grateful to for the opportunity to talk to him. One of the coolest thing was that we met some of our supporters from Slovenia … Read more


We’re slowly approaching the end of the presale – 7 DAYS AND IT’S OVER! Don’t wait too long or you might just miss an amazing opportunity 💫 Join while you still can so you won’t regret it later!

Final Presale Countdown: Your Chance to Double Up!

Ever thought about doubling your purchase before the token is even launched? We’re now in the final week of our presale, and we’ve got exciting news for you. Imagine buying $CUT today and getting twice the amount of tokens you paid for. Sounds good, right? Well now, that can actually happen! Here’s how it works: … Read more

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