🚀 Unveiling the Ultimate 1,000,000 $USDT & $CUT Treasure Hunt Airdrop! 🚀


Crypto adventurers and treasure seekers, brace yourselves for an exhilarating challenge brimming with rewards and thrills!

Kicking off on 1st November 2023 and continuing until 1st February 2024, we’re ecstatic to launch the colossal 1,000,000 $USDT & $CUT Treasure Hunt Airdrop. This extraordinary event goes beyond simply winning a slice of an enormous prize pool; it’s an odyssey filled with diverse tasks and challenges across various platforms.

🌐 Embark on Your Legendary Quest!

Prepare to embark on your treasure hunt across several platforms – Zealy, QuestN, SoQuest, TaskOn, and Galxe. Renowned for their exciting and varied airdrops, these platforms cater to an enthusiastic and broad community, boosting awareness and engagement around our project. Initially launching with Zealy & QuestN, keep your eyes peeled as the rest of the platforms join this exhilarating adventure.

One Million Tokens Await! That’s right, you heard correctly. Our combined prize pool boasts a staggering 996,000 $CUT tokens and 4,000 $USDT tokens, set to be distributed amongst the victorious on each platform. And here’s the kicker – winning on one platform doesn’t disqualify you from triumphing on others. Why limit yourself? Seize this moment to potentially become the multi-platform champion of our treasure hunt airdrop!

So grab your compass and telescope, step aboard, and navigate towards your treasure.

Good luck on this grand expedition!

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