1M $USDT & $CUT Airdrop Just Got Bigger 🌟


Big news, crypto enthusiasts! Our 1,000,000 $USDT & $CUT Airdrop is taking a leap forward. Get ready to dive into an ocean of new opportunities and rewards!

One Million Tokens Up for Grabs!

Yes, you read that right. Our massive treasure trove comprises 996,000 $CUT tokens and 4,000 $USDT tokens. The best part? Victory on one platform doesn’t mean you can’t win on others. Zealy, QuestN, SoQuest, TaskOn, and Galxe are your playgrounds to become the ultimate multi-platform champion.

Enter the MOTHER Campaign

And here’s the game-changer – the MOTHER Campaign. This is not just another addition; it’s the cornerstone of our airdrop. Available exclusively on our website, the MOTHER Campaign binds all these platforms into one grand adventure.

Launching the Campaign is a reflection of our dedication to your growth and our community’s value creation. As CUT continues to evolve, so do our events and updates, tailored to meet your interests and the dynamic market.

Join us in this thrilling venture and let’s reach new heights together!