Announcement: Upcoming AMA on Launch Preparations! 🌟


Dear Community,

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming AMA session, titled “Launch Prep Part 2,” scheduled for Wednesday, 11th of October, at 6 pm CET. This session is crucial as we edge closer to our exciting launch, and it will allow us to delve deeper into the key aspects of our project.

What to Expect? 🚀 

  • A discussion on needed tutorials ahead of launch of our $CUT token;
  • Overview of our revamped content;
  • Spotlight on on the remarkable participation in staking and its significance as we approach the launch;
  • And more.

The session will take place in our main Telegram group and will be conducted in Slovene, English, and Spanish and will be, as always, recorded and uploaded to YouTube for those who can’t make it live. This is a wonderful opportunity to answer all of your questions and for you to understand the platform and the plans better.

Mark your calendars and bring on your questions and opinions! Let’s make this session interactive and enlightening. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,

The CryptoUnity Team