CUT Staking: Upcoming Adjustments to APRs πŸ“’


As we continuously aim for transparency and improvement, we wish to inform you about the upcoming adjustments to our Staking APRs, taking effect from Friday, 29th of Sept. at 8 PM CET.

Previously, we briefly mentioned that there would be alterations to our staking structure, aiming to optimize and ensure the stability and growth of the project and the value of our token.

Here are the new APRs alongside the existing ones:

  • 9 months: 6.3% (currently 7.9%)
  • 12 months: 8.9% (currently 11.8%)
  • 24 months: 21.7% (currently 30.1%)

We want to assure you that the tokens already staked will not be impacted by this change. You will continue to earn rewards at the APRs that were in effect when you staked your $CUT tokens.

Staking is not just a way to increase your token supply; is a way to actively participate in the potential of the project and contribute to the improvement and stability of the token ecosystem.

These changes to APRs are designed to keep the project and community healthy and stable. We appreciate your cooperation and support and look forward to growing together and achieving new goals in the CryptoUnity journey.

Stay tuned and let’s continue to shape the future of CUTZ together!