📖 New Chapter, New Look 🌟


Hello community! 

As we move into this new phase for CryptoUnity,we wanted to take a look with you at what has changed with today’s revamp. Our aim has always been to bring clarity and progress, while also ensuring you, our valued community, are in the loop. Let’s get right into it: 

White Paper 2.0 📘

Our White Paper has transformed! At its core, the essence remains untouched. However, it’s now enriched with more comprehensive information. What you’ve seen before was, in essence, basically our first version, crafted for beginners, during the Presale Slovenia. Since then, we’ve grown and evolved, and are now presenting a White Paper that truly is on par with our growth and vision.

  • Improved Product Descriptions 
    We’ve focused on clear, succinct descriptions that truly encapsulate what CryptoUnity and its product are all about.
  • Business Model Introduction
    This is a new addition to our white paper. It delves into the research and plan of the targeted market and users, predictions for the future, and much more. This paints a clearer picture of our approach and how we envision moving forward.
  • Descriptive Roadmap
    A roadmap is a project’s compass. Ours now comes with descriptions, ensuring our community can trace every step of our journey and understand it.
  • Meet The Team
    It’s always good to put a face to a name, that is why we have added our executives and core team members to the white paper. After all, they are the heartbeat of CryptoUnity. 
  • Updated Tokenomics
    Following the outcomes of our global sales, we’ve revisited our tokenomics. Dumping wall allocation was notably updated, with 3% of commissions being set aside for token-burning events, followed by alignment of the general token allocation.

Website Revamp 🎨

As you have all noticed by now, our website got a makeover as well.

Beyond the refreshed aesthetics, our website redesign is strategic. We’ve spotlighted crucial elements, enhanced user experience, and ensured that our platform’s look resonates with the high-quality content it hosts. This isn’t just a design revamp. It’s a strategic jump forward as we approach our global launch. By unifying our brand image, we’re facilitating smoother customer acquisition and laying a strong foundation for our imminent app debut. In essence, we’re ensuring that our platform’s visual identity perfectly resonates with our core principles and message.

Shortly, the revamped website will be, as before, available in Slovene too. And in the near future, other languages will be added. The same goes for the white paper.

As we move closer to the launch of our token, the excitement and anticipation are growing. And we want you to know, that this is all just the beginning.

Buckle up and get ready, less than a month to go!