A Monumental Milestone: Announcing the Launch Date of $CUT Token


In the world of CryptoUnity, nothing happens by mere chance; there’s a reason behind every decision we make. Today, we’re thrilled to share an update that perfectly illustrates this principle: the highly-anticipated launch date of our $CUT token.

Originally, we committed to launching in the latter half of October, a timeline we’ve mentioned consistently. However, destiny had other plans. We received an invitation to not one, but two groundbreaking events in Dubai—a city often described as a land of boundless opportunities. It’s an invitation we simply couldn’t decline.

These strategic gatherings are scheduled for October 24th and the first two days of November. The moment we laid eyes on these dates, it clicked. If we are venturing into a space teeming with possibilities like Dubai, wouldn’t it be wise to seize the opportunity to introduce CryptoUnity and $CUT at these major conferences? And so, we reconsidered.

We’ve always maintained that a token’s launch is a one-time opportunity that demands perfection. It’s why we opted for prudence when our presale ended, choosing to assess market conditions rather than rush the launch. With these new events on the horizon, we’re more convinced than ever that timing is everything. Our decisions aim to optimize the token’s potential and, by extension, deliver the best possible outcome for you—our valued community of token holders.

Therefore, we’ve made the pivotal decision to shift our launch date to 

November 15th, 2023, 

strategically positioning it after our return from Dubai. We believe this recalibration is not just beneficial but essential. It’s a move backed by strategic thinking, designed to cast our net wider and imprint CryptoUnity and $CUT indelibly on a global stage.

We’re infinitely grateful for the unwavering support we’ve received from each one of you. Two years ago, we could hardly fathom the kind of worldwide support we experience today. Your belief in our vision—that crypto should be accessible, safe, and uncomplicated—fuels us. Thank you for standing with us. Your patience and support not only make these milestones possible but also deepen our collective impact.

We invite you to mark November 15th on your calendars as the day we all make history together. Thank you once again for your invaluable support and for believing in the boundless potential of CryptoUnity and the $CUT token. Here’s to a future that promises to be as exciting as it is rewarding!