CertiK and QuillAudits – Upholding Blockchain Security and Trust


‘Partnerships Explained’ Series

Hello again!

A while back, we started our ‘Partnerships Explained’ series, and today we’re celebrating significant anniversaries with two pillars in blockchain security: CertiK and QuillAudits. These collaborations underscore our dedication to robust security and integrity in the blockchain world.

CertiK: A Year of Excellence in Blockchain Security

Marking a year with CertiK, we reflect on our journey with a firm that has set the gold standard in blockchain and smart contract auditing. Trusted by leading exchanges, CertiK’s comprehensive services – from Skynet monitoring to KYC verification – have been instrumental in fortifying our platform’s security.

Our collaboration encompasses:

  • An extensive Security Audit to rigorously vet our code.
  • Continuous Skynet Monitoring for real-time insights on smart contract behavior.
  • Contract Verification, ensuring on-chain code integrity.
  • A Gold KYC Badge, achieved through CertiK’s thorough due diligence, symbolizing our commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • Celebrating our one-year milestone of being audited by CertiK, we reaffirm our mission of upholding the highest security standards.

QuillAudits: The First Line of Defense for $CUT Token

Our very first audit with QuillAudits was a foundational step in launching our $CUT token. Their thorough security audit process delved deep into our token’s code, scrutinizing it for vulnerabilities and ensuring its robustness against potential threats.

This partnership marked the beginning of our unwavering focus on providing a secure and reliable trading environment, setting the stage for our journey in the cryptocurrency space.

Our Unrelenting Commitment to Security and Trust

Collaborating with CertiK and QuillAudits reflects our ethos at CryptoUnity: to make trading in the CEX landscape as secure and straightforward as possible, especially for newcomers. The golden KYC badge from CertiK, and our initial audit from QuillAudits, are not just achievements; they are assurances of our dedication to creating a trustworthy and secure ICO environment.

As we continue to evolve in the world of crypto, our commitment to revolutionizing the CEX experience remains strong, anchored in stringent security measures and transparent practices.

Join us in this journey toward a new era of CEX, where your security is our paramount concern. And, as always, remember to stay secure in the ever-changing crypto world!