CertiK badges


Hey guys!

I’m doing a little throwback again, and I’m thrilled to talk to you about our CertiK audit!

Our platform is designed to create a beginner-friendly CEX (centralized crypto exchange) making trading as simple and safe as possible, so we take security very seriously. Which is why our goal was to get audited by a respectable firm — CertiK — the leading security-focused ranking platform to analyze and monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects in the cryptoworld. The audit involved a thorough review of the code, as well as an assessment of the contract’s functionality and potential vulnerabilities.

Along with the smart contract audit, the team also went through their KYC process.The members privately verified their identity with CertiK and underwent a rigorous vetting process facilitated by CertiK’s team of experienced investigators. This process includes interviews with key team members, ID verification and liveness checks, and a review of the blockchain project. The badge increases accountability and trust in the team, while reducing and mitigating the risk of fraud and abuse.

We’re proud to say that we received the golden KYC badge from the CertiK team. This means the entire core team and the project itself have a very high level of transparency and accountability.

Receiving the golden KYC means a big deal to us because it’s a symbol of trust and reliability in the blockchain community. It’s an indication that we’re committed to security and compliance, and that we’ve taken the necessary steps to protect our users’ funds and make our project a secure ICO.

We’re excited about the future of CryptoUnity and the potential it has to disrupt the financial industry. Come join the new era of CEX and don’t forget to stay secure in the world of finance!