The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. So, when will CryptoUnity – the exchange for beginners, see the light of day, and what does this bring? Find out all the information below.

The time has finally come to officially reveal the date we’ve been eagerly anticipating from the start. The CryptoUnity exchange will go live on 

MAY 31st 2024.

With this, we also begin the mutual countdown to the launch day. The homepage of our website has undergone an attractive visual transformation – now there’s a countdown timer there, eagerly ticking away the moments until the simplest crypto exchange comes to life.

As part of the countdown, our bonuses for purchasing and staking $CUT tokens have also underwent a change. During the period up to the launch, these will start to drastically reduce – bonuses will decrease by 5% per each reduction and are eliminated FOREVER at launch.

Keep in mind that only a limited quantity of $CUT tokens is designated for sale with a bonus, so it’s possible that the bonuses may end even before the launch itself. Let’s emphasize once again, that the opportunity to obtain a purchase bonus completely ceases with the platform’s launch and will never return. The countdown timer on our homepage also allows you to monitor the quantity still available.

The countdown is a beautiful prelude to the most diverse, hectic, interesting, and we could go on listing adjectives, month, which will be full of events and preparations for the launch of the CryptoUnity exchange. Follow our social media and e-newsletters to avoid missing anything, starting with an important decision by our community regarding the sales commissions.

This will be a month that truly looks like what our CTO says: The day has 24 hours, and then there’s also the night! We will make sure that the launch of the CryptoUnity application for beginners goes flawlessly, but we’re calling you to join us in spreading the word – a product launch only happens once, and the more people know about it, the better! Don’t forget, there could be high rewards awaiting you for this, and you can also create your own referral code, which you use to share among friends, and upon their purchase, you both are rewarded.