CryptoUnity Community Growth


A Year in Review

As we continue our CryptoUnity path, we take a moment to look back and appreciate the remarkable journey we’ve embarked upon. The growth of our community across various platforms is not just a testament to our project’s growth but also a reflection of the vibrant and engaged community that supports us and makes us, us.

To truly grasp the magnitude of this growth, we decided to compare our community numbers from the end of Q1 2023 with the current figures in Q1 2024. The results? Nothing short of impressive. Here’s a breakdown of CryptoUnity Community Growth across various channels:

Twitter: From 20K to 32.5K Followers

Our Twitter community has seen a staggering growth of 62.5%. This leap in numbers represents a broader audience engagement and a deepening trust in our brand.

Telegram: More than Just Numbers

Our Telegram presence has doubled from 10K to over 20.8K members. But the real story is in our expansion into a multilingual community. While our main Telegram group remains a bustling hub, we’ve successfully established dedicated groups for Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Slovenian, and Serbo-Croatian speakers, catering to a diverse global audience.

Doubling Down on Token Holders

In a clear indication of growing hodlers confidence, our holder count has doubled from 2K to over 4K. This increase reflects not only in the number of individuals who believe in CryptoUnity’s vision but also in the robustness and stability of our $CUT token.

Newsletter: Spreading the Word Far and Wide

Our newsletter subscribers have soared from 12K to 31K, showcasing a 158.3% growth. This jump is a clear indicator of our community’s desire to stay informed and connected with our latest developments as well as indicates the growth of CryptoUnity interesants.

The journey so far has been incredible, but what excites us more is the path that lies ahead. With each passing day, our community grows and to all our community members, thank you for being a part of this extraordinary story. Here’s to achieving more milestones together!