Exstensive Q1 2023 report


Hey guys!

I’m excited to share some ups and downs we’ve had in the first quarter of the year 2023, so let’s get right to it!


  • We upgraded the purchase form and got a recognized KYC provider, Sumsub



  • We did some hardcore preparations and pulled all nighters to get everything ready for the presale
  • The presale started slower than expected, but we didn’t let that get to us and made some additional changes instead, that are already showing:
    • We lowered the minimum purchase price from 100 € to 20 €
    • After a thorough research, we enabled more countries to participate
    • We adjusted the campaign based on analytics and analysis
  • According to the progress of our presale and the current state of the market, the listing on the exchange remains TBA until we are sure that the selected date will be the best decision for the CUT token and thus for all buyers.


  • We were officially registered as a virtual currency provider
  • We revamped our entire website to give it a fresh new look
  • We developed a smart contract and web 3.0 integration for staking CUT, and will be working on the frontend and testing in the future
  • Workshops were postponed from Q4 2022 because we had to develop the APIs ourselves, which was not in the plan, but were launched as an online version in March 2023
  • The online Workshops application is now connected to the mobile version, and although with a delay, our community members have started testing the app
  • We are continuously developing content for our Workshops — some of it is already available, and many more will come in Q2 as a major update
  • The backend for the exchange is developed and functional
  • We developed the whole wireframing for the mobile application 1.0, with the UI/UX design being close to completion — we are still working on the very last details
  • The entire documentation for the frontend development is ready
  • Along with that, we also built a prototype which we managed to finish recently in Q2. Stay tuned for a sneek peak!
  • We have 7 confirmed agreements with CEXs that are awaiting our decision. We cannot say with which ones due to signed NDA (non-disclosure agreements), but we can say that some of these are among the top 20 exchanges in the world


We expanded the team by welcoming 3 new team members and 3 advisors, which we presented to the community! Part of the team also went to the Blockchain Economy event in London at the end of February.

We also started a Community Village on Discord, where you’re most welcome to join in to chat with the team and other members!


We’ve launched a total of 3 airdrops, with the main and biggest one still being active throughout the entire worldwide presale. The competition gave us a lot of exposure, but sadly also attracted many fake followers, which brought the statistics down.

We were ranked as #1 on the Top 5 Crypto Projects With Highest Audit Trust Score Currently” on Binance feed!

We couldn’t get listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, as listing as an ICO is practically impossible, ever since CoinMarketCap is in the hands of Binance. They are hard to get ahold of, unresponsive and have high requirements, with one of them being an agreed listing on the CEX. This agreement is not yet in our interest, as we still want to list CUT on our exchange after listing it on a DEX, so we decided to put CUT on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko as soon as the token goes on PancakeSwap. Nonetheless, CUT was recently listed on ICO drops and other listing sites!


WEBSITE: The website visits are growing by the day, meaning CryptoUnity is getting more and more recognition and exposure from users around the world!

TWITTER: We gained over 20k followers!

TELEGRAM: Our Telegram community is richer by 10k new members!

PRESALE: The number of buyers doubled from previous presales!

NEWSLETTER: More than 12k people subscribed to our newsletter, where February took the lead, and took in the most subscribers.

Thank you all for joining us! We’ve had an exciting first quarter with some ups and downs, but we’ve made significant progress in developing our platform, growing our community, and expanding our team.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you soon for more updates and developments!