HACKED – What to Do?


In the high-stakes world of cryptocurrency, understanding cybersecurity is not just important – it’s critical. It’s about being a digital warrior, armed with knowledge and ready for anything. Let’s dive into the art of digital self-defense, from proactive shield-raising to reactive strategies in the face of cyber threats.

Mastering the Art of Cyber Precautions

Navigating the internet requires more than just caution; it demands a keen eye and a skeptic’s mind. Be judicious about the links you click, especially from unexpected sources. It’s like stepping into unknown territory – always be on guard. When a familiar sender pops up, don’t lower your defenses; double-check and verify.

Pay attention to the URL – it’s not just letters and symbols. Ensure it begins with “https” and keep an eye out for any cunning typos. Remember, hovering over a link can unveil its true nature, as links can be wolves in sheep’s clothing, disguised as something they are in fact not.

When it comes to your digital wallet, be strategic about where you connect it, and always lower the risks after your session by disconnecting and logging out. For the crypto assets you’re not actively using, consider the fortified security of cold storage.

When You Suspect a Breach in the Walls

If your wallet shows signs of a siege – perhaps missing funds – immediately review your transaction history. This can usually be done directly through your wallet or through the eyes of blockchain explorers like BSCscan.

Revoke.cash is your ally here. It’s not just a tool; it’s your lookout tower, helping you inspect all contracts with access to your wallet’s assets. With it, you can either cut off their access or adjust how much they’re allowed to spend.

In the Aftermath of a Hack

Should you find that your digital safety has been breached, react immediately. Transfer any remaining assets to a new, secure stronghold – a new wallet. Then, with tools like revoke.cash, sever any unnecessary connections or contracts, closing any gates that may have been left open. At the same time, we recommend analyzing and cleaning your device with an antivirus program.

Remember, sharing your story can help fortify others in the community. Your experience is valuable; it could be the warning signal that helps another crypto enthusiast.

Elevating Safety in the CryptoUnity Community

Recognizing the growing number of scammers and cyber threats, we’ve taken a step forward with a new, additional safety feature on our website. This innovative tool is your personal verifier – it enables you to check the authenticity of any contact information associated with CryptoUnity. Be it emails, wallet addresses, profile links, or websites, simply enter the info, and our tool will be your guide, confirming its legitimacy. It’s our latest move in the quest to safeguard our community and strengthen the bonds of trust and security.