Introducing ‘Partnerships Explained’ Series: First up, Fireblocks 🌟



Welcome to our new ‘Partnerships Explained’ series. As you can see them on our beautifully designed website, we’re excited to dive into the unique values and roles, of our partners. We’re kicking off with Fireblocks, a standout name in digital asset security.

Fireblocks is not just any player in the digital asset domain; it’s a trailblazer known for exceptional security measures and efficient management of digital assets. Their advanced MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallet technology isn’t just industry-leading; it’s a benchmark that assures the highest level of security in asset transfers.

This platform is a go-to choice for financial institutions and custodians. Why? Because of its capability to adeptly handle intricate security challenges. Fireblocks stands out in ensuring that digital assets are not just stored but stored securely, separated from company assets, untouched and unaffected, ensuring complete safety for users’ digital assets and holdings.

In our collaboration with Fireblocks, they serve as our highly regulated external custodian. This means your assets are in the safest hands, managed separately from the company’s assets, ensuring they are not affected by any company-specific risks. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest standards of security and operational excellence in managing digital assets for our community.

In future posts, we will continue our journey through our partnerships, shedding light on how each one contributes to the strengthening and growth of our ecosystem.

‘Partnerships Explained’ will bring you closer to understanding the strong alliances we have formed and their impact on our community. 🌐