Major Problems in Crypto



Hey guys!

The world of cryptocurrency can be a challenging and intimidating place, particularly for those who are just starting out. While the promise of decentralized currency is appealing, there are a number of issues that must be addressed to make the world of crypto accessible and user-friendly for everyone. We aim to solve some of the biggest problems facing the crypto industry today, with a focus on user security, education, and accessibility.

Problem #1: Skepticism About Centralized Exchanges

One of the biggest issues with crypto today is the skepticism around centralized exchanges. Many people are wary of using CEXs and even stay away from them because they worry that their funds may not be safe. After all, if a centralized exchange has control over users’ funds, there is always a risk that those funds can get lost or stolen.

Solution to Problem #1: Independent, Regulated Custodian

We understand that security and privacy are top priorities for our users. To ensure that customers’ crypto assets are kept separate from the company’s assets, we have implemented an independent custodian to the system. By using a custodian, users can trust that their assets are being held in a secure and independent manner. This approach ensures that users’ assets remain safe and accessibleregardless of any challenges the company may face.

Problem #2: All on your own

Another significant challenge is the complexity of anything related to crypto. So many different strategies, tons of information…it can get overwhelming to navigate the world of crypto, and that can discourage many new users from trading. There is often a lack of reliable information and assistance available, making it difficult for new users to get started.

Solution to Problem #2: Beginner-Focused User Experience

We recognize the need for a user-friendly platform that is created with beginners in mind. It’s designed to provide a simplified, educational, and supportive user experience. By guiding users through simple functions and providing informative resources and support, it empowers beginners to confidently engage with the exchange. By creating an all-in-one platform that combines these key elements, the app delivers an intuitive and user-friendly experience that helps beginners to start with crypto.

We’re building an exciting new platform that is working to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the crypto world today. With a focus on newcomers, user security, education, and accessibility, we’re making it easier than ever for people to get involved in cryptocurrency trading. By implementing an independent, regulated custodian and providing a beginner-focused user experience, we’re setting a new standard for crypto exchanges and doing this like it should be from the start.

So, join us on our journey to start simple and stay secure!