We have successfully made it through the presale, and the team is already buried deep into work. Therefore, we are informing you that we will adjust the time that the team is present on social channels. Now, we will be available to you from Mon – Fri; 10:00 – 18:00 CET.

We will (try to) be away on weekends and holidays.

We are available for individual support via chat, which you can find on the website (or directly via the FB or IG network). You can also send us a message at to resolve individual issues. Please do not contact us directly via the Telegram network, as the messages are often not seen due to congestion.

For general questions about the project, the system, and news, we invite you to join our main Telegram group (eng.), where you will find our community that can answer many of your questions, and you can also find a community in your language for a more enjoyable experience chatting.


The CryptoUnity Team