A Fresh Opportunity for $CUT Holders

CryptoUnity is excited to announce the launch of a new staking period of 3 months, a move that broadens the options for $CUT holders looking to earn rewards while supporting the ecosystem. Recognizing the diverse strategies of our community, this addition caters to those seeking shorter commitment periods without compromising on the benefits.

To mark the introduction of this new staking period, we’ve launched a special offer (29/2/2024 – 7 pm CET): For the first 72 hours, participants can enjoy an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 4%, a significant increase from the APR of 2.7% that will be set after time runs out. This offer underscores our commitment to providing value to our community.

The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous $CUT holders taking advantage of the staking APRs to increase their holdings. The new staking period is accessible via our dedicated staking dashboard, designed to streamline the process and enhance user experience.


This initiative is part of CryptoUnity’s ongoing effort to engage with our community and offer flexible staking solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned staker or new to the concept, this new staking period is an opportune moment to begin. Remember, the early participation benefits are limited, so visit our staking dashboard soon to make the most of this offer.