A few days ago we had an extensive AMA focused on the post-presale time, more specifically on distribution, staking, listing, and the plan for 2023. At the same time, we took the opportunity to thank everyone once again for the support we are receiving.

You can view the whole AMA here and catch the short recap of it below. 

As you know by now, the distribution will take place on the 5th of June and you have to make sure that the (right) wallet is in your user profile. Only that way the tokens will be able to be distributed, and that to the right wallet. 

You can listen to more about the distribution at these times in the video:  Eng – 17:35; Slo – 19:50; Spa – 22:45; and more about the distribution process:  Eng – 24:50; Slo – 27:30; Spa – 32:00.

The listing of our CUT token is planned for the month of October of this year. This is a strategic move designed to align with the exchange launch and maximize benefits across the board. Although the exact date isn’t set yet, this flexibility allows us to adapt to market conditions and seize unique opportunities, such as a potential appearance on the Killerwhales show, that would give us an enormous platform in the crypto world. This approach ensures we are well-positioned to navigate any circumstances. 

You can listen to more about listing part 1 at these times in the video:  Eng – 43:00; Slo – 44:15; Spa – 45:15; Part 2: Eng – 46:10; Slo – 48:20; Spa – 50:15; Part 3: Eng: 53:05; Slo – 56:59; Spa: 1:01:05.

All CUT token holders will be able to stake their tokens starting from mid-June, initially for six months or a year, with shorter staking options to follow. The only transactions permitted initially will be smart contract interactions for staking, precluding liquidity pool addition on PancakeSwap. Detailed instructions will be provided via email to ensure everyone’s familiar with the process. The specifics of the staking rewards are yet to be unveiled, but they will be paid in CUT.

You can listen to more about staking at these times in the video:  Eng – 1:16:45; Slo – 1:20:15; Spa – 1:24:00.

Our 2023 roadmap includes the distribution in June, the start of CUT token staking, updating educational materials, a PancakeSwap listing in October, and the launch of our exchange application by early next year. Development will be ongoing with regular updates, involving the community in testing and educational workshops. Marketing campaigns for the exchange launch and token listing are being strategized, with collaborations and partnerships in the works. We’ll also engage in networking events for business development and brand building.

You can listen to more about plans for 2023 at these times in the video:  Eng – 1:34:35; Slo – 1:36:50; Spa – 1:39:20.

Make sure you check out the whole AMA, so you don’t miss any other discussion topics, such as the recent airdrop, development and questions from the community.