Second $CUT Token Burning Event Completed!


We have marked another milestone in the $CUT token journey, successfully completing its second quarterly token burning event. This event underscores the dedication to the roadmap, promises, transparency, and commitment to the $CUT ecosystem. 

Key Details of the 2nd $CUT Burning Event:

Amount of $CUT Tokens Burnt: 627.406,29 $CUT
Time of the Burning: 05:59:39 PM UTC
Transaction Hash: 0x3cf4d86bbec9349ba5625bdba44c0fb473745485fe6fe78b74bc0251719615eb

The burning process involved permanently removing a certain amount of $CUT tokens from circulation, a strategic move to manage the token’s supply. This action aligns with our long-term vision to maintain a robust and balanced ecosystem.

CryptoUnity extends heartfelt thanks to its community for their unwavering support and contribution to making this event a success. With the completion of this burning event, the team is motivated to continue on its path of achieving more milestones.

As we leave behind the ‘ashes’ of this significant event, we look forward to a future filled with more triumphs and successes, maintaining our commitment to innovation and community.