We have officially started a new chapter in the CryptoUnity story with the launch of the first version of the CryptoUnity app available to the public.

The first version, or the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), comes with the full functionality of the app itself and sets the groundwork for all upcoming features and added functionalities. Therefore, it is important to know what is yet to come very soon with the first updates, so let’s look at it.

iOS App

First things first, we continue with the wait for a response from Apple. We have submitted the app, along with all the legal paperwork, at the same time as for Android. Sadly, there is not much more that we can do than wait, as the ball is in their court. But since that was almost three weeks ago, we are confident in hoping that we will hear from them by the end of this week.

Additional languages of the app

Soon, the app will start speaking additional languages. One of the first added will be Croatian and Spanish, with more to follow in the near future.

Tiers Of Benefits

CUT utility will start to shine bright. With this development, every user will fall into a certain benefit level. The more CUT tokens you have, the lower the fees, the greater the access to education, and much more.

Credit Card Option

Very soon, we are adding the credit card option to the app. We recognize the power this feature brings, which is why it is one of the very first updates to occur. 

More Cryptocurrencies

Very soon, we will start gradually adding different cryptocurrencies to expand our offer and give you a bit more choice, while still not overwhelming any users. Get ready for Solana (SOL), Dogecoin (DOGE), and more!

Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals

The first major update to expect is the integration of crypto deposits and withdrawals will be added. What that means is, that you will be able to send crypto to and from your CryptoUnity profile, including your CUT tokens! 

With more, additional important updates like, for example, baskets and cold wallets coming later on, this will truly be a week, month, and year of growing, adding functionalities, and giving you the perfected user experience that we are striving towards.

And you can play a role. We encourage you to check out the app and visit the feedback form, that you can find here, to help us shape our platform into the most user-friendly platform to exist!