Attention all token holders!

For those of you who have been diligently staking your tokens and enjoying the rewards, we have some exciting news. Our staking platform is now available in multiple languages:

  • English,
  • Slovenian,
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese, and
  • Turkish.

This enhancement makes staking even more convenient and accessible to everyone who wants to put their tokens to work.

If you haven’t staked your tokens yet but are planning to do so, we strongly recommend acting quickly. Starting next week, the prizes will be significantly reduced. However, all those who have already staked or will stake their tokens before then will continue to enjoy their current prize amount until the end of the staking period.

You can stake your tokens by visiting staking.cryptounity.org and follow the step-by-step video instructions provided for your convenience. If you require any assistance, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be glad to help you. Happy staking!