CryptoUnity’s Staking Platform Just Got a Boost


We’re thrilled to announce an exciting update to our staking platform! After closely monitoring community feedback and engagement since the feature’s launch, we have decided to incorporate a new functionality that allows direct buying and staking of CUT tokens. But only for a limited amount of time.

CryptoUnity’s staking has been incredibly well-received since its introduction. We’ve seen an exceptional surge in interest from our dedicated CUT token holders, and from those who discovered us after the presale. Until today, almost a third of all distributed CUT tokens has been staked, and the number is rising each day. 

However, we understood that some community members felt they had missed out, or wished for more. Your voice matters to us and we continuously strive to enhance your experience on our platform. Our upgraded staking platform now allows you to buy CUT tokens directly and stake them immediately. Whether you missed our presale or wish to stake more, this is your opportunity. Tokens can now be purchased by the price of 0,0078 €/CUT. Additional bonuses up to +25 % apply for bigger purchases. Tokens are staked by CryptoUnity in the name of a buyer, who can than claim his rewards on staking dashboard using his BEP-20 wallet. This feature will only be available for limited amount of time and will be disabled before and in respect to token listing.

With the introduction of staking, we gave our first stakers enviable rewards as an incentive to become the first stakers of CryptoUnity tokens. The response was great and the number of stakers was growing each day. With the addition of this new feature, buy&stake, the time has also come for use to decrease the rewards for newcomers, as we have announced in the past. The updated rewards are as follows: 

  • APR for 9 months: 7,9%
  • APR for 12 months: 11,8%
  • APR for 24 months: 30,1%

With staking and addition of this feature we continue to prepare for token launch. Staking helps us build a healthy ecosystem for our token and with this additional feature, we continue to increase the number of token holders, which is an important indicator for health of the token’s economy model. With staking, we are also removing tokens from circulating supply. The amount of tokens staked in relation to tokens distributed is an indicator of trustworthiness of a project and a strong community.

All of the above combined is a strong attraction for new buyers and sets the essential foundation for a successful token launch. That being said, enjoy your upgraded staking experience.

CryptoUnity team