End of the Airdrop Event


CryptoUnity’s Treasure Hunt Campaign Concludes

Today, CryptoUnity’s end of the airdrop event – an extensive and engaging Treasure Hunt  Campaign has come. This campaign, special for its complexity and the excitement it brought to our community, witnessed incredible participation from crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

With over 5 million entries solely on our primary campaign platform, the level of engagement has been astounding. We’re grateful to every participant who invested time in diligently completing tasks and spreading the word about CryptoUnity.

As we move forward, our team is now focused on reviewing all entries. Our goal is to ensure that winners are selected fairly, honoring those who followed the rules and contributed genuinely to the campaign. This meticulous review process is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the campaign and rewarding true engagement.

Mark your calendars for February 6th, when we will announce the official winners as the final step of the end of the airdrop event. The excitement isn’t over yet – stay tuned for the big reveal and let’s celebrate the winners of our airdrop event together!

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