Hey everyone!

As we gear up for the $CUT token launch, you might be curious about what’s happening behind the scenes. In the spirit of full transparency, let’s take a peek at how we’re preparing for this significant milestone.


Foremost on our agenda is ensuring you’re well-equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for taking part in the token launch:

  • Guide on the BSCscan,
  • PancakeSwap guide,
  • How to prepare for the token launch,
  • Token Launch Preparations AMAs (you can find all three parts on our YouTube channel) and
  • Psychology on the volatile market of crypto (Medium article).

These materials are designed to demystify the process and bolster your understanding of the crypto market’s dynamics. Stay tuned, as we’re also planning to release more content, including video tutorials, to further enhance your readiness.


There’s a saying: “The best rocket in the world won’t matter if no one knows about it.” Our marketing team is in overdrive, ensuring CryptoUnity’s voice is heard loud and clear. We’re engaging different communities through AMAs, collaborating with content creators, issuing PR releases, and establishing strategic partnerships. This multifaceted approach aims to broaden our reach and highlight the value of CryptoUnity in the crypto ecosystem. Besides all the outside marketing, our native content creation is a crucial part of our outreach, ensuring our message resonates far and wide.


On the technical front, we’ve meticulously planned the liquidity setup. This involves calculating the selling pressure, determining the optimal size for the initial liquidity pool based on those calculations, and preparing a reserve for stability. Additionally, we’ve geared up for the vesting of LP tokens, ensuring everything is in place for a smooth operation.


Security is paramount. We’re implementing robust measures against potential Telegram and website attacks, and developing strategies to thwart sniper attacks. Crypto sniper bot attacks involve automated tools that rapidly monitor and execute transactions in milliseconds, exploiting favorable trading moments on the blockchain much faster than humanly possible. Our team is also conducting extensive safety checks on all project wallets and exploring ways to support users who may fall victim to hacking incidents.


One of the most crucial aspects of our preparation is the vesting process. We are diligently deploying the vesting contract, ensuring that each step is executed with precision. A significant part of this is verifying the wallets of buyers with vested tokens. This meticulous process is not just about technical execution but also about upholding our commitment to transparency and holders’ trust.

We understand the importance of clear communication regarding vesting, which is why we are sharing the detailed statistics about the vesting positions above. This provides you with a comprehensive view of how the tokens are distributed and vested.


As we inch closer to the launch, our focus shifts to ensuring that every aspect of the $CUT token launch is faultless. This includes a thorough review of all smart contract settings to guarantee that they align perfectly with our launch objectives. We are meticulously following a stringent timeline, coordinating across all departments to ensure synchronicity and readiness.

We have established a comprehensive time plan well in advance, outlining each step leading up to the launch. This foresight allows us to navigate the preparations with precision and purpose. Regular assessments are a key part of our approach. We continuously monitor our progress against the set timeline, ensuring that every department is synchronized and moving forward according to plan. This diligent tracking helps us identify and address any potential delays or issues promptly, reaffirming our commitment to a smooth and on-schedule launch.

Double-checking the wallets of users where necessary is also a critical part of our final preparations. This step is crucial to ensure that every participant in the launch is correctly set up and ready to go, mirroring our overarching goal of a seamless and successful token launch.


With every team member working tirelessly, we are poised to make the $CUT token launch a milestone to remember in the CryptoUnity’s journey. The excitement within our team is matched only by our commitment to ensuring everything goes according to plan.

The countdown to the $CUT token launch has begun, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this moment with you.