From the outset, our white paper outlined that upon launching our CUT token on PancakeSwap, a buy and sell fee of 6% and 9%, respectively, would be applied. We’ve been deliberating for a while whether the additional buy fee would serve as an asset or a deterrent to potential new token buyers.

As it happens, we’ve noticed that conversations about this very topic have been sprouting within our community. The concern is that an additional buying fee could make the token less appealing, thereby indirectly impacting existing holders and community members in an unfavorable way.

After extensive discussion, we’ve come to a final decision: 

We are eliminating the buy fee

that was initially set to be applied on PancakeSwap.

We’re conscious that we might be repeating ourselves, but it bears stating that we genuinely aim to shape CryptoUnity alongside and for our community. When we find ourselves pondering the same questions as our community members, we’re reassured that our decision is in the right direction.

Thank you to all our active participants and supporters for being an essential part of this journey.