In recent days, we’ve been teasing and finally unveiling some significant news.

CryptoUnity has been invited to none other than Dubai.

Known as a global hub for blockchain innovation and a sanctuary for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Dubai is an epicenter of activity and is widely considered a must-visit, especially if you are working on something new. An invitation like this is simply not to be declined.

During the time we will spend working in Dubai, we will be attending not just one, but two crypto/blockchain conferences. At both events, we will take the stage and actively represent CryptoUnity.

The first conference we will be attending is Blockchain Life 2023. This event, known as the “Meeting Point of Crypto Whales,” is a networking paradise that boasts an international convergence of more than 7,000 participants and insights from leading industry speakers.

Our second appearance will be at the World Blockchain Summit 2023, hosted by Trescon. This event promises to be a whirlpool of knowledge, innovation, and powerful new connections. We are excited about the many learning and networking opportunities that this event will offer.

With this news, we are fully aware of the responsibility and work that comes with it. We recognize that this is a truly special and unique opportunity, for which we will work hard and give our 200%.

If any of you happen to be in Dubai at that time—contact us, and we would be happy to meet up with you!