What’s better than staking? Staking airdrop!


CryptoUnity is thrilled to announce a special event for our staking community – a staking airdrop! In recognition of the support we’ve received since our staking feature launched, we are returning the favor with a token of gratitude (pun intended). It’s our way of saying thank you, and we want to do it in a manner befitting the cryptocurrency spirit – with an airdrop.

The airdrop features a prize pool of 5,000 $ worth of CUT tokens, an opportunity we are keen to share with our engaged and supportive community. It’s not just about sharing the rewards; it’s about acknowledging the value you bring to CryptoUnity and reflecting it back.

We invite everyone involved in our staking initiative to participate in the airdrop, and all of those who are not yet, to come join us. It’s an excellent chance to increase your CUT bag, and by performing tasks, contribute to the project.

Check more details and participate in the airdrop in the link here.

We look forward to your participation and wish you good luck in the airdrop!

CryptoUnity Team